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How To Pick A Best Fantasy Football Team

Posted by on Oct 19, 2015 in Football | 0 comments

It is not necessary that you should spend indefinite time on your computer and tax your brain no end to pick the best fantasy football team. In fact, the task of picking the best fantasy football team can be simple and straightforward if you faithfully follow some useful tips.

Before starting the exercise to pick the best fantasy football team you have to carefully study what has gone on for various teams in the off-season and the list of injured players. Knowing the intricate details of all your fantasy football players and their ratings will help you immensely on draft day.

As a first step, print out your cheat sheets and bring them to the draft. It is obviously imprudent to pick a player who had recently sustained a physical injury.

If you pick a team where the players had no injuries and great off-season acquisitions, you can rest assured that your fantasy football team will simply triumph. Please remember that there are many players whose stocks keep rising and many players whose stocks keep falling dramatically.

Your first pick should be a dependable Running Back and make sure the person is fit and available. If you are not wholly satisfied with your choice of Running Back, make no compromise on the Quarter Back and opt for a formidable quarterback. Please know that the Running Backs on your team are the real workhorses in a game of football.

The ideal fantasy teams usually have the most competent running backs. You need two such running backs and they should score consistent points every week. The great ones gain 100 yards and score one touchdown per game.

Once your starting lineup is finished, select a wide receiver that runs short routes and pile up good points. Select one more running back to fill the roster and a grab a kicker whose length and accuracy will add up points quickly. Finally, get hold of a sound back up and an emergency quarterback.

Most leagues will have one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one flex spot (running back or wide receiver), one tight end, one kicker and one defense.

When attempting to pick a fantasy football team, it is wise to adopt a step by step well-conceived procedure like outlined below rather than do the selection hurriedly and whimsically.

You should ideally have 16 rounds of drafting, to enable you pick the best 16 available players.

1.Choose a running back in the first round
2.Choose a second running back in the second round
3.Choose a wide receiver in the third round
4.Choose another wide receiver in the fourth round
5.Choose a quarterback in the fifth round
6.Choose your third running back in the sixth round and your third receiver in the seventh round
7.Choose your tight end in the eighth round and another quarterback in the ninth
8.Choose running backs and wide receivers in Rounds 10 through 12 and another tight end in Round 13
9.Choose your defenses in the 14th and 15th round and your kickers in the 16th and 17th

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5 Best Football Apps For 2013

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Football | 0 comments

App developers have been creating a lot of useful apps that help you follow the new 2013/14 football season on your device. With these apps on your smartphone and tablet, you are provided with a number of ways to keep yourself informed and entertained in between matches and during them.

If you’re a diehard football fan, following are 5 best football apps that you can check out now.

1. FourFourTwo Stats Zone

The multi-award winning FourFourTwo Stats Zone offers a new design, more features, and live coverage of the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, the A-League and the UEFA Champions League. The free app has the ability to dig deep into any player’s performance as well as the basic shot count, possession and full pass maps. What’s more, you can show off your knowledge and insight by sharing analysis via Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS.

2. THE Football App

Available for free on a load of devices, THE Football App looks great and works fluidly. With 4.5m active users, this free app bursts with news, scores, updates, tables, and videos for the beautiful game. It also offers a host of other data from leagues from over 20 different countries and national teams. Especially, THE Football App features the live text commentary, known as the “Live Ticker,” which updates without killing your device battery too quickly.

3. Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre

The Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre app is focused on news, scores, fixtures and other stats. With team line-ups, live commentary and stats, you can stay up to date with live results from every game from the Premier League and Serie A to the Evo-Stick League. Plus, this free app can push notifications for your favorite team, keeping you up to date with all of the action as it happens.

4. Football Manager Handheld 2013

Football Manager Handheld 2013 is a game for true football fans, allowing you to put your managerial skills to the test wherever, whenever and however you want. Played in four languages including English, French, Italian and Spanish, the world’s best-selling football management game lets you take the hot-seat at any club from a choice of leagues in 14 countries. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad, available for £6.99.

5. Watch ESPN

The Watch ESPN app is an absolute must for every soccer fan who wants to watch games airing on the ESPN family of networks. This free app offers live streaming access to the top events, up-to-the-minute news, highlights and analysis. That service also showcases matches that aren’t shown on US TV on a weekly basis, such as Premier League, Eredivisie and Copa Mexico games.

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Best College Football Picks

Posted by on Apr 26, 2015 in Football | 0 comments

If you are searching for the Best College Football Picks of the week, from which you can put your bet on? Following are some tips; on following it you will discover yourself in the winning lane in no time. Betting, little known to some people is more than simply a numbers Game.

The best way to take benefit from College Football is to ascertain a proven system composed with a best handicapper. Obviously, for any information, the Internet is a best starting point. In seeking online for Free Football Picks, you would start with football and sports Websites. Sports publications, Sports channels and Sports Websites almost all provide their Picks. Often times, they even provide those Picks against the numerous number from sports books.

Frequently, like professional Football Handicappers, the people on sports Websites who are creating the picks have made the Sport and the teams their lives. The info, then, is probably close to as good. Lot of information is usable that you require some filters. Early on in the season, determine your College Football Picks to the top schools, a fewer conferences or a single region. As the season builds up, you can use your range of College Football Picks nationwide.

Defense rules former in the season. It takes some time for the teams to ascertain their rhythm. This is very true that you can carry many top-ranked teams to trip up during the first few weeks. Select your Football Picks accordingly. Not all the activity in College takes place on the field. Find out closely for player scandals, recruiting violations, ineligibilities, suspensions, coaching changes, injuries and academic issues that may trouble players and alter your College Football picks.

Field and Weather conditions bear on college play farther more than the pros. Games are often played outdoors, mostly on real turf, so if you see rages rolling in or gusty winds, it would very well provide you some best opportunities to reckon the under on total score. Not all of your College Football picks have to be about getting the spread. Many of the few coaches will bear their jobs on the line on Bowl day. Some might have already suggested they will be on the next season. This works on the mind of the team. Factor into your Bowl-game Football picks which coach is more probably to require the victory. Few bedding coaches go out with a bang.

Though home field advantage supposed disappears at neutral bowl venues, the team dearest to the Website brings typically more support. They even might have played on the field before during the steady season. Make your College Football Picks accordingly. There is lot of ways to win more frequently with your College Football picks.

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