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Information on Fruitism

Diets have swept America in the last couple of years because of the fear of overweight people causing a big problem in the future. There are many reasons why anyone would want to diet. It gives you energy and helps you lose the weight that is unwanted. But there are times that people go to the extreme of dieting. Fruitism is a strait consumption of fruits. Some argue this diet is not a healthy approach to weight loss. In every diet plan it is best to consult a nutritionist to help you in your decisions. There are many controversies on whether it can cause you problems. Such arguments are:

1. Under-malnutrition– The arguments say that fruitism that when you concentrate on fruits alone, you can become under malnutrition. When the fruit is the only thing that you are taking in your body, you are not getting the nutrients that you need per day. You fats and meats of the diet are important for fiber. When your body is under-malnutrition you can have heath problems in the future.

2. Stomach problems– People who have practiced fruitism have complained of stomach problems. This is not the case with everyone, but the condition has merit to it. When your body is not getting everything that your body needs, it can cause you to get some pains in the stomach region. With fruitism, it is hard to get the nutrients that are needed. Stomach pains can be very difficult to live with. Make an appointment with your doctor if the pain continues.

3. Rapid weight loss– With only eating fruit, there is a high chance that you are going to loose weight at a rapid rate. Some argue that this is a good thing if you are suffering from diabetes and you can go from taking shots every day to simply a pill. But there are many dangers in loosing the weight fast. You can develop dizzy spells and faint a lot due to lack of energy.

With fruitism, some have made it into a religion, worshiping fruit as a source of energy. Whatever your feel about fruitism is, the consumption of fruit is important, just the over consumption of fruit is where you need to draw the line. Fruitism is a philosophy that has merit at times, but can be very dangerous to your health. Know what is going on in your body and always consult your primary care physician before starting or modifying a diet. There are many dangers to fruitism that you may not know and you never know if you are hurting your body instead of hurting it.

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