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Beyond Saba and Football

This time there was no difference of opinion between me and Marina regarding the holyday destination. We both voted for a single place and that was Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city of Brazil. When we hear the Brazil the two things that come to our mind will be football and Samba Dance. We were great fans of Brazilian football team and we also like Samba dance. That could be the reason why we prefer this city.

We both were of the opinion to travel by cheap airline flights as we could save a lot of amount which we can spend there for other enjoyments. Hence I tried a lot to get the cheap flights and we flew to Brazil on one fine morning.

When we reached Rio de Janeiro, some carnival was going on there. We came to know that the city will have carnivals always and the people enjoy these carnivals a lot. Like Samba and football, carnivals are also there in their blood. We went to the carnival spot. The venue was decorated with colorful lightings and other decorations. There were many stages where a number of different art forms were being performed. It lasted till late night and we enjoyed a lot. There were several food counters that sold traditional foods and some retail counters that sold handicraft items. Marina bought some attractive pieces as a souvenir of our visit.

Rio de Janeiro is the most visited city in this part of the world and the natural beauty and famous beaches attract more visitors. Seeing a good business opportunity almost all major airlines are operating flights to Rio de Janeiro nowadays.

The next day we went to visit the famous landmark of the city the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer. We spent a lot of time there too. There also we could see many outlets selling traditional food. There were some counters that serve western food too.

The next attraction was Corcovado Mountains which has been listed as one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World. The journey on the cable car there was an unforgettable event and we never forget in our lifetime. We have also visited the largest football stadium in the world also.

The trip was quite enjoyable and we really enjoyed the holiday mood this time. It was quite unbearable for us to leave the city. Still we had to leave the city. Anyway we have decided to look for cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro to visit here once again. WE have to work hard to earn money for our next trip.

We are working extra hours now to earn more money. We will buy cheap tickets to Rio de Janeiro and we will spend all over extra money in purchasing things in the carnivals and we will enjoy the pleasure of the cable car journey too. It may take a few more months to fulfill our dreams, but it will happen definitely.

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