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The World of Football Betting Explained

Football betting is undoubtedly one of the most common approaches to sports wagering, as it brings forth a broad selection of sports lines for both NFL football and college football betting and presents bettors with many interesting wager options. The list with popular football betting opportunities includes, but is not limited to, seven different types of bets: straight bets, over/ under bets, parlays, teasers, money line wagers, half time bets, and future bets.

Despite the extensive array of interesting opportunities for making profit on the outcome of football matches, note that it takes a lot more than luck and good instinct to become a successful football bettor. To maximize your chances of seizing sports picks that win, you need to turn to dedicated resources and supply yourself with valuable betting information such as updated sports lines, odds, relevant statistics, and handicapping pointers.

Winning your sports picks when wagering on NFL football also takes good knowledge of the game, logging NFL scores, keeping track of player records, team form, bookings, injuries and other important details. No matter how enthusiastic you are about the world of football betting, for best results make sure you get to know it properly before trying your chance at existing wager opportunities.

The first common option in both NFL and college football betting is also the simplest, delivered in the form of straight bets. With these types of bets, wagering is very straightforward – you are betting the team that you believe will win or lose the confrontation and are aiming to make an NFL score difference prediction situated in the range imposed by the pointspread. This latter concept also applies to over/ under bets, which allow you to wager on what you think will be the combined point total at the end of a football clash.

With money line bets you need to pick out the winning team in the game and you are tied to the initial money line established at the time the bet was placed, irrespective of any subsequent line movements. The parlay refers to a group of standard bets clustered together into one single bet that requires all your football picks to win.

Similar to parlays, teaser bets also consist of multiple straight wagers and require winning all picks to cash in the big prize, but with the difference that teasers allow adding or subtracting points to raise the bet’s value. Half time bets are a variety of wagers that requires bettors to predict the correct score at half time, and have the advantage of being attached to multiple sports lines – pointspread, money line, or a combination of both.

Finally, future wagers are based on the aftermath of either single football events or match series that are programmed to take place at some future date. These types of bets usually come with tempting odds, which means they are great opportunities of seizing substantial profits.

Although the football wager types presented here are not the only betting options you will come across in football betting, they are definitely the most popular ones and stand out as the perfect place to start. Remember that the key to successful football betting lies in making informed decisions, so make sure you do your homework rigorously before going for a particular selection of sports picks.

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