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Weight Training Tips for High School Football Players

3 Tips for Weight Traning For High School Football Players to Creat Great Workouts

To create great football workouts, you need to focus on the basics: the big lifts, the fast lifts and some speed work…this is what makes a football training program great.

Follow these three tips and your weight training workouts will get you faster, stronger and more explosive on the football field.

1. Improve Mobility and Athleticism, NOT Just Your Bench Press

The Bench is great, and I know every high school football player is absolutely in love with it. So is the Squat…and the Deadlift, and the Clean…but remember, we are after not only big lifts but big hits, big runs and big plays.

We need to get stronger, always. But, you also need to make sure that your strength increases are coupled with increases in your “athleticism,” for lack of a better term. If you focus only on the Bench, you’re not going to improve a whole lot on the football field. You need to work those lifts hard and get stronger while also using movements that will make you a better athlete these movements plus the big lifts make up your football weight training program.¬† Often times in high school football, the best athletes win.

Things like:
Medicine Ball Chops, Side-to-Sides, Over-Unders
Prowler, sled and blocking sled work
Position-specific, football-orientend agility work
Stretching, both passive and dynamic
Football skill and footwork
Jump Ropes
Beginner’s Plyometrics

These are the types of things you will do to improve as a football player while getting your strength and weight up. It may seem like a lot of work but if you’re smart about it, it’s not that complicated.

Start every session off with some football agility work, dynamic stretching, and jump rope. End your session with ab work and medicine balls and some more jump rope.

2. Lift Heavy, Lift in Good Form

You need to concentrate on the biggest of the big lifts if you want to get stronger for football. Exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, Cleans, Front Squats, Incline, etc are the movements that will make you bigger and build real strength.These should be the core of your weight training workouts.

Too many young football players get sucked into concentrating on vanity exercises and let the big compound, movements fall off the map. In High School the strongest and best athletes tend to win most of the time!

So, go heavy and moderate to low reps on the big movments. Sets of 5 or less and sets from 3 – 8.

3. How Hard You Work is More Important Than What Plan You’re On

For most high school football players, simply finding a plan and sticking¬† to it is key. But, what if you picked out a bad program? What if it’s a real turkey?
Well, hopefully you have some guidance and can see that the program isn’t very good. However, know this…

Extreme effort on a bad program is much better than a half-assed effort on the greatest program ever.

So, if you are in search of the “perfect trainining program,” stop. Stick to your current plan, tweak it and work as hard as humanly possible…then a little harder.

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